Meet Angie Gray

Angie Gray

Inspirational Speaker,

Trainer & Educator

Angie Gray - MEd, MA

Founder & CEO of Pearls4Life, LLC

Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach & Mentor

  • DRS in Life Coaching & Mentoring

  • MEd in Educational Administration & Leadership

  • MA in Counseling Services

  • BA in Communications / Psychology

With over twenty years of experience, relevant education, numerous certifications, honors and awards, Angie is equipped to assist many in the pursuit of fulfilling their purpose, passion and destiny. 

As founder of Pearls4Life,LLC, an organization dedicated to helping women embrace wellness and wholeness in womanhood using a holistic approach of mind, body, soul and spirit, Angie has witnessed firsthand, transformations and exponential growth for her clients. 

Her philosophy acknowledges that inside every woman there is greatness, and she works diligently to assist them in accessing their inward abilities, tools and potential while realizing  their pupose, path, and destiny.  She assists her clients in identifying and releasing distractions that often keep women unfulfilled and unpurposed. 

Angie remains focused on individual needs and desires while following the process for growth, satisfaction, and fulfillment. She works tirelessly to help her clients to lose the negative forces in their lives in order to gain the purposeful, fulfilling and thriving life they deserve. 


Home/family, work/career, church/community and self-care can work harmoniously together to create the life of purpose and abundance we were all intended to enjoy!

Angie is a wife and mother who serves on the ministerial team at her church.

Angie declares - Live a life of purpose, on purpose - if you are willing to do the work - it will definitely work!!

Angie is a wonderful woman that devotes her time and effort to helping others.  She has been a mighty blessing in my life.  She has been there for me when I was at my lowest point and has fed me the Word of God.  She lifted and encouraged me to become a stronger woman and a better mother for my child!


Angelique G., New Jersey



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